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Digillence Rolson offers various flexible and customizable pricing models to address our global clients’ diverse needs.

Fixed Time/ Fixed Price

Digillence Rolson offers fixed time and fixed pricing model to the clients if the scope and specifications of the project is reasonably clear. We work along with our clients to define expected deliverable and timelines which helps in determining mutually agreed fixed price. Reliability, Predictability and Performance is the result of our refined process. On-time and on-budget results are assured from our end, to all our prestigious clients.

Time and Material

Our clients take advantage of our greater flexibility to provide best solution with our Time & Material Business Model. In this model costing is based on project specification on ongoing basis with upcoming market trends. One of the best fit of this costing is that it is more inclined towards specification and design changes. The client usually pays hourly rate and gets complete flexibility of redefining the duration and cost of the project.

Milestone Billing

Milestone defining is most important aspect for large projects usually with the delivery timeline of around 1 or 2 years. Projects will have measurable phases which will be linked to the billing per milestone by using our project management system. This model reinforces progress monitoring and reduces risks involved with large projects.

Dedicated Development Team

We are dedicated, both in terms of delivery and engagement. Our dedicated development team engagement model is very popular with our clients which help them to have an extension to their existing development team. We form project team with the help of team members, project manager, and infrastructure on the basis of client requirement.

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