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Do you want your web users to stay addicted to your e-site? It is simply not necessary that your site should be a nut cracking one or have super-rich content. You just have to follow simple and straight forward designer techniques while designing your site. This can leave the audiences glued to your site as such.

Here they are for you to ponder over:

Use your company logo in such a way that it is prominently visible on your site

Your company logo speaks volumes about the brand image you intend creating amongst your target audience. But visibility is the key factor for any company to get noticed. Hence position your logo in such a way that it is prominently visible to viewers who try logging on to your site. You can position your company logo on the left-hand corner of each and every page of your online site. Use a crisp, sharp and a high resolution logo for your e-store. The logo needs to clearly help viewers understand the kind of products and services you are catering to. You also need to link the company logo to the homepage so that your end-users are easily able to navigate back to your site.

Provide an intuitive feel when it comes to navigation

You must already know how a site is created. The primary navigation bar stands like a horizontal line with different options the user can click for. You can also include a secondary navigation bar just beneath the primary one, to give an intuitive feel to your website as such. So instead of having hyperlinks on lesser important pieces of information which will again lead the user to landing at the primary home page, you can put lesser important links or pieces of information at the footer page. Does this designer technique make sense? You can approach a reputed interactive agency in Dubai to have your site deployed in a professional manner.

Avoid too much of clutter

Make the content on your site crisp and precise. Say for example, you are running an online kurti store and you want to give apt product descriptions to each and every kurti. Just mention a single liner on the make of fabric, size, length or dimensions. You can add one more line to describe the feel of the kurti while one wears it. You need not explain each and every minutest thing about what the fabric industry offers or is into. You can add images where needed. Too much of visual content can also side-tract the viewers.

Give a personalized shopping appeal while you design your e-site

If you want your e-store to become a super-duper success, you need to really think out of the box. Provide personalized shopping experiences and give some amount of breathing space to the web user who tries logging on to the site. Let it not be an information overload campaign, after all. You can provide spaces where customers can review the product. You can ask for customer’s feedback, after trying out the free samples that were offered to them as such. You can let them fill their shopping carts and empty it any number of times. This feel-free outlay of your web design can actually attract more customers towards shopping at your store.

Use a safe and secured form of payment gateway

Above all, your e-store should have versatile forms of payment like accepting credit cards, debit cards and provide Cash on Delivery (COD) options on a select range of products. The payment gateways must be easy to use and the customer’s banking info must be kept safe and intact. You can place privacy fire-walls or include confidential encryption codes while capturing customer’s card details. The technology will automatically delete customer’s card details the moment a sale is done.

You can approach an interactive agency in Dubai to look into the end to end aspects involved with creation of your online site as such.

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