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What is search engine optimization?

With the web technologies taking centre stage, it is now time for you to give the technological edge that it deserves and when it comes to that, Digillence, an expert with all kinds of technological know-how in the digital marketing field, would tell you that nobody does better search engine optimisation than Digillence. SEO is the magic sauce that you would need for your business to be a success in its domain.


Search engine optimization is an online marketing discipline that is entirely focused on to increasing the visibility of the website or any specific web page with organic search results. SEO combines both technical as well as creative elements that drive traffic towards the website and improve the ranking. It is an integrated methodology of techniques, strategies, and tactics that increase the number of visitors towards the website. Following a set of rules, the websites can be optimized for the search engines.

SEO – A key to boosting your online presence

Practicing SEO is the key to boosting your online presence! SEO simply makes sure that your site is structured in a way that the search engine would understand it.

The basic SEO practices that boost up the visibility of the websites

Keyword research – By adding right keywords to the website, the chances of enhancing the visibility grows higher. The keywords must be picked that are used by the customers in the search engines.

High quality contents - Creating high quality contents based on keywords is essential to attract readers. Contents must be generated without overuse of keywords, as a search engine would penalize for keyword stuffing.

Call-to-action - Call-to-action helps in converting the visitors to customers that ultimately boosts up business strategy.

Internal links - This is the general thumb rule; the articles must link back to the homepage or service page or other articles. This allows easy navigation to the visitors and encourages them to spend maximum time on the website.

Analytic tools - It is essential to track the behavior of the visitors of the website! Connecting the website with analytic tools would be helpful in gaining valuable insights. Monitoring the performance, the inactive keywords and contents can be removed.

Dubai Top SEO Companies

Our expertise

Digillence is an SEO company in Dubai that delivers ultimate solutions for boosting up the visibility of the website. The SEO experts at Digillence optimize the website to make it search engine friendly following the expert thumb rules of SEO practices.

We have high skills in using the best and reliable SEO techniques that efficiently manage the website traffic, reputation, sales and business with effective results. We deliver unmatched SEO services in Dubai!

Features of Digillence that impressively help the websites to heighten up

  • We, being the leading SEO agency in Dubai, tend to follow the specific search engine rules for generating organic web traffic towards the website.
  • At Digillence, we follow White hat SEO strategy using different optimization strategies, tactics, and techniques that generate organic web traffic.
  • We create internal links on the external pages that backlink either to the homepage or service page or any other content which stimulates the search engine to rank the web pages.
  • We perform extensive research about the market and likewise select the appropriate keywords and use them in the contents.
  • We generate creative and user-engaging contents that retain the attention of the readers and motivate them thus increasing the conversion rates.
  • We have industry specific experience and likewise perform the SEO tasks that fulfill the targets of the businesses.
  • We offer routine tracking, analysis, and reporting that keep the website updated and fresh.
  • The experts track the performance of the website on a daily basis and find out the negative facts that can be considered as the reason for degrading the visibility of the website.
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