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Every business makes two types of efforts to become popular on the social media, some of their efforts are organic, and the remaining ones are paid. Amplifying a post on Facebook is the most powerful lead generation tactic. From startups to enterprises, everyone is building the brand awareness by Facebook advertising.

Incorporating paid social media is advocated by successful entrepreneurs. But few assumptions are made that selling your brand on Facebook is useless if you don’t have an extremely targeted audience.

You are not alone if you think is it really worth it? Hire a social media agency in Dubai to utilize the insanely powerful tool to be convinced that your paid ads are not driving useless likes.

How does it work?

There is a slight difference with Facebook ads and PPC Campaign Management. Ad copies on PPC help customers to find your business and social media ads help your business to find customers. The later is getting immensely popular nowadays but before you wonder its worth let’s understand how it works?

Paid ads on Facebook help you get to the right people. These ads are shown to the people who are targeted on the basis of their age, location, education, interests and occupation. This is called audience segmentation.

How is it so effective?

When your ads are displayed to the ideal audience, it will be easier to encourage users for app installs.

Facebook ads allow you to allure your target audience with what they want. This will be the easiest and cost-effective way to grow your email lists and to grow the visiting time on your website by 40%.

Another great way, to leverage the investment you made on Facebook, is to direct the ad traffic to a dedicated page to increase the conversion rate.

We are a Social Media Agency in Dubai incorporating the organic and paid social media techniques. We can facilitate your target audience to know how great your product is. Moreover, we know how to utilize the ‘extra’ reach your brand gets from Facebook ads to make it worth every penny.

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