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E-commerce developers are way lot busier these days than earlier times. Customized e-commerce designs in modern times offering complete control to the user have made things even more enjoyable, thus increasing the demands.

Well, these best designs can be expected only from an experienced name for e-commerce web design Dubai having adequate experience in trending platforms like Zen Cart, Magento, osComerce, Virtue Mart (Joomla), WooCommerce, etc.Ecommerce designs based on OpenCart are highly preferred these days among all others.

What makes OpenCart special?

OpenCart is currently one of the most efficient open source shopping platforms. It is both feature-rich and user-friendly at the same time. The best part, it has made things easy for the modern e-commerce web design Dubai to offer best e-commerce features at the minimal price.

This custom developed shopping cart platform makes the commerce sites extremely enhanced, by letting the users trade over the web in an effortless way. It has turned out to be one of the finest recommendations for the beginners in e-commerce field or those who want solutions at aminimal budget.

Latest edition:

OpenCart has many versions like 1.5.x.x, open cart 2.0/2.x, and OpenCart 2.3.x.  Undoubtedly, the OpenCart 2.3.x. is the most recent and advanced at the same time.

This latest edition of OpenCart comes with crucial structural changes that make it easy for someone using an older version of Open Cart to migrate into this latest version.

However, for the best e-commerce solutions on Open Cart, one needs to take the help of best Opencart Website Development Company.

Talking about the advanced features of the latest edition, it offers greater zoomed image quality, multi-language facility, multiple storing facilities, improved data export and import, multiple payment options, enhanced search model, and many more.

To reap the benefit of the best e-commerce platform, it is important to approach e-commerce web design agency in Dubai.

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