Affiliate Marketing for Fertility Clinics

Affiliate Marketing for Fertility Clinics

Affiliate marketing is a passive marketing technique which is becoming popular day by day. Fertility clinics can offer an affiliate program to add a new dimension to their marketing.

Affiliate marketing is a digital marketing technique where a third party will market your fertility clinics in digital platforms. If he/she can bring you a new client, you have to pay a commission to the marketer.

The affiliate marketer will perform all marketing related task to bring new client since he/she will be rewarded based on his/her performance.

To start an affiliate marketing service for a fertility clinic, have a look at the following key aspects:


The fertility clinic will be the merchant if they start an affiliate program. The clinic needs to develop a merchant platform where affiliate marketers can get registered, they can track how many customers they bring success and what is their income.

So an intuitive merchant platform is needed if fertility wants to attract new marketers.

Marketing Network/Medium

After an affiliate marketing get registered in the merchant platform they will be given links to promote in different networks and attract new customers.

The affiliate marketing can promote merchant links using his/her own website, using social media, using search engines and, etc.

Publisher (Affiliate)

Publisher means who publish the merchant links in different networks. Publisher is an affiliate marketer in other words.

Publishers are everything in affiliate marketing. Fertility clinic can get huge business from affiliate marketing if they attract good publishers.


Customers are the target of publishers. Publishers goal is to convince the customer and bring them to the fertility clinic website.

Following the above key aspects, a fertility clinic can start an affiliate program to business through digital marketing.

Though the clinic needs to invest some money to develop the merchant platform. But if a fertility clinic can attract affiliate marketer, they can bring a lot of customers.